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The Iron Writer Challenge -Suspended

Metabook is a thing that’s totally on hold right now, but for good reason! I felt that I could be of more use to you if I had a little more experience. How does one get that experience?

By writing a book. But, I’m not quite ready for prime-time, yet, so I’m taking up The Iron Writer Challenge. I’m not sure if it was a thing, but it is now!

Basically, every week I’ll be writing a new short story and posting it in the Stories┬ásection of this blog. This might not seem incredible, but between University and my other obligations, it should prove to be quite harrowing! Once I feel I’ve grown enough as a writer, I’ll begin working on that manuscript.

Until then, enjoy! ­čśÇ

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Well, it’s that time! It’s time to take a break and put some pages in that manuscript. This leg of The Iron Writer Challenge ran for 9 weeks and netted me 7 new stories, as well as 7 refurbished ones. I’ll still be writing stories, but I won’t be posting them on a weekly schedule for the rest of this semester. I’ll still post the ones I write, but it will be at a reduced pace until classes wrap and my manuscript’s into its second draft. Thanks for reading!