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May 1st, 2013, 12:01 AM

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The world is changing. That’s sort of a trite thing to say, so let’s get a little more specific.

The world of literature is changing. Once upon a time, if you wanted to create something for the world to read, then you’d have to publish it on paper and disseminate it through physical copies. Now, though, if I want to make something available to be read, all I have to do is create a blog, bang out a few choice sentences, hit send and it’s just waiting for the world to see it. That doesn’t mean the world WILL see it, but that’s another story. However, there’s still something to books that makes them stand apart from blogs. By the same token, there are some things unique about blogs that make them entirely different types of experiences.

That may sound simple, but it leaves a lot unanswered. What are the differences? What do they imply? Are they irreconcilable? In reconciling them, would we simply create something new? That’s kind of what this whole project is about.

You see, I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I’ve got no experience in the matter. It’s hard to find the time, ideas, and publishers to put a book together. However, I’ve sure as heck run a blog. So, I want to write a blog about writing a book. The trick is, though, that the blog is the book. I’m going to collect the pieces of it and make it into something continuous. That’s not saying that blogs lack continuity, but there’s something special about a book. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. Everything in it is usually related to everything else, so all the pieces fit together. I know it’s printed on paper, but we’re still dealing with another medium. Blogs are continuous literary objects that evolve through time. They’re edited on-the-fly, so you can’t always go back and change things, because they’ve already come, been read and gone in the mind of the readers.

I want to marry these two concepts here to see what they can learn from each other. I want to see if this can be made into a book and, along the way, I’ll let you know what I find out. I’ll collect all the pieces together, timed and dated, and put them on their own page. That way, you can read them easily in a continuous fashion, since blogs always put the newest entry at the top and go backwards as you work your way down.

I’ll also be keeping a running tally of the word-count, so I know how long this has been going. I’ll find a way to turn the word-count into a page-count and let you know how long the book is. Then, maybe that’ll let us know when I should stop. That’ll give us our end and let me know what I should be writing about at the time.

Blogs happen over time, so feel free to leave your comments and ideas. If I end up using an idea, then I’ll integrate the comment into the page-text. So, you can see the evolving blog changing, even as the collection of posts on the page makes them more rigid and coherent.

You’ve probably also noticed that a book doesn’t include links. Sure, it includes pictures and references, but they’re not just a click away. I’m sure that will play a role, as well.

Alright, without further ado, let’s get this ball rolling.

Word Count: 582


  1. This seems like a more up to date version of the serialization of books that used to be quite popular. Used to happen a lot with niche genres, If say, an author couldn’t find a publisher, they would serialise their book I’m a relevant magazine and hopefully it would gain interest, the magazine would pay them some money and a publisher might notice it.

    • trivialpunk says:

      Yup, it’s also a bit like anthologizing, or anything else where a collection of works coalesces into a new whole, but more-so in your example than most others. I figured it was worth doing, since it’s an interesting topic to look at and a fun way to do it. Good point, though, I’ll see if looking into that idea yields any new thoughts on the matter.

  2. simpleek says:

    Good luck with this project! I look forward to seeing what results from it. 🙂

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