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Donations and Appreciations

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! It’s nice to have one’s work appreciated. Or read. Or clicked on. Any combination of those, really. Every reader is part of the writer; the story springs to life in your mind. I’d be nowhere without you.

The written word was my first mistress, and though I’ve added to my harem of fantastic consorts, it will always be my true love. With the written word, there’s no cause to be selfish; there’s always room to learn.

That’s about where this analogy should end before it gets weirder or metaphorically pornographic. If you really liked something you read here, then feel free to leave a tip, but having one’s works read is enough, especially if I get to improve my craft. You could even go a step further and leave a constructively critical word or thought; I’d very much appreciate it. After all, you’re never quite done learning how to write. You are simply, forever-more, on the path. Glad you could walk with me a while.

Thanks for giving me a chance to write for someone.

Take care and good reading,

Trivial Punk

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